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    Al Luban Body Wellness Collection

    Enjoy a luxurious bathing ritual with Raydan’s body wellness collection. Begin your bathing ritual with our luxurious Frankincense shower gel, add volume and shine to your hair with our Frankincense Hair Shampoo, and give your body the care it deserves with our delicately soft Frankincense Body Cream.

    Product information

    Frankincense Hair Shampoo: 310 ml
    Frankincense Body Shower Gel: 310 ml
    Frankincense Body Cream: 200g


    Frankincense Hair Shampoo:
    Natural Frankincense oil
    Oat Protein
    Algae Extract

    Frankincense Body Shower Gel:
    Natural Frankincense oil
    Ginseng root extract with pH-Balanced.

    Frankincense Body Cream:
    Natural Frankincense oil
    Ginseng root extract
    Wheat protein
    Vitamin E