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    Raydan invites you to embark with us on a journey through biblical times and magnificent histories, along the frankincense trail of opulence and beauty.

    Raydan takes inspiration for its name from the original name for Dhofar which 5,000 years ago was known as the Kingdom of Raydan. The kingdom was the original land of frankincense and so no other name seemed more fitting to convey the heritage and passion that lay behind the brand.

    Raydan was born from the vision of celebrating the legendary trail of frankincense; something that is deeply embedded in the history and heritage of Oman. Raydan was founded by Mr Yahya Mohammed Somar Al Zadjali in 2008, under Azzomorroda Global Enterprises LLC, one of the leading perfume manufacturers and retailers in the Sultanate of Oman.

    At Raydan we draw our inspiration from nature and heritage, balancing it carefully with the latest technologies from the fragrance and beauty industries. Each product is carefully crafted with hand-picked raw ingredients and is designed to enhance your health and wellbeing.

    ‘We should all show admiration and recognition of Frankincense-based crafts mastered by our ancestors, take pride in our rich heritage and endeavour to introduce it to the world.’ Yahya Bin Muhammad Bin Somar Al Zadjali.

    Entrepreneur Yahya Al Zadjali was raised among a family that loves and appreciates the gifts of nature. Growing up in a small country village he soon developed an interest and passion for wild flowers and fruits.


    When his family moved to Muscat he was employed by the Royal Courts and he could often smell the beautiful perfumes of exotic flowers and wild roses from the royal gardens. This developed his interest in scents and perfumes further, and he was inspired to shape his passion into a profession.

    As retirement from the Royal Court approached, he embarked on the journey towards realizing his passion. He decided that it was time to share with the world one of the oldest scents known to man, in a manner befitting of its grandiose status…



    With this passion in mind, the Raydan company was formed and the rest, as they say, is history.